• The Geocache / Triathlon

  • Geocache

    The Wild Canyon Games has built the largest geocaching grid in the world, featuring over 1,000 caches hidden across 66,000 acres of high desert terrain. Four of your seven members will have four hours to find as many of our custom-made WCG geocaches as possible. This timed event is designed to push each athlete to his or her limit. The event will challenge your team's strength, stamina, and ability to navigate through Central Oregon high desert terrain.

    The Waypoint download for the 2015 Wild Canyon Games will be available in April.

    For practice, please reference the 2014 Geocache Information, but note that this will not be valid for the 2015 Games.


    The Wild Canyon Games Triathlon consists of an .92 open water swim, 15.5 mile mountain bike course and a 10K train run. On average the relay triathlon takes about three hours, depending on the athleticism and experience of each team member. Each leg of the Triathlon will be individually timed using a digital electronic system. Competitors will be able to track individual split times and overall team times at the conclusion of the event. 

    More Information

    Upon arrival at Washington Family Ranch, you will be directed to a bike drop-off location. Bikes will be securely stored at the reservoir overnight in preparation for the second leg of the race. (Professional bike tune-ups are an option at this drop-off point, at your own cost.)

    On Saturday morning of the event, Swimmers and Bikers will be transported to the reservoir (T1) after breakfast. Runners will report to Canyon Camp Sports Center (T2) to await the arrival of their Bike competitor. Bikes arrive at T2 and are stored inside the Sports Center after this leg of the event. Runners depart T2 and finish in the field at the center of the Canyon Camp Ranch.

Event Legs

  • Geocache
  • 2014 Top Results


    #48 Nike Prairie Dogs

    14,070 PTS



    40 836


    Geocache "waypoints" need to be downloaded before arriving Friday night. The waypoint download for 2015 will be available in April. Each WCG cache will vary in point value based upon location, difficulty, elevation, number of times found in previous year and proximity to other caches. All geocaches are marked with a specific code, competitors must record the code provided before moving to the next cache. Safety is a top priority, competitors will be provided with a complementary safety pack for basic needs and are asked to stay together in their pairs at all times. A serious point penalty awaits competitors who finish late.


  • Swim
  • 2014 Swim

    #20 The FAN-tastic 43s

    Time 0:20:37

    813 PTS



    40 836

    Swimmers will kick off the Triathlon event at 7:00am from the reservoir lake. Large buoys positioned approximately 100 feet off the shoreline to guide swimmers easily through the .92 mile course. Wetsuits are required.

  • Bike
  • 2014 Bike

    #10 Chafing the Dream

    Time 1:00:16

    985 PTS



    40 836

    The challenging cycling portion of the event is 15.5 miles of both on- and off-road terrain. The course begins at 1,871 feet elevation and ends at 1,544 feet elevation—a net loss of 327 feet. The initial 3-4 miles are paved and present the rider with a steady incline of approximately 900 feet. (See elevation chart below.) This is rugged and remote terrain. 

  • Run
  • 2014 Run

    #55 Sole Survivors

    Time 0:36:53

    978 PTS



    40 836

    This is a course that will challenge you from the onset. The first mile ascends 400-feet along a ‘single’ track’ trail; expect steep grades and roller coaster hills along the trek. The second mile gradually descends toward Creekside Camp to provide some relief from the massive climb just endured. To help your legs rebound, or provide a flat section to push the pace, miles three and four are on the road and wind you through the heart of camp. To keep the run challenging, miles four and five veer toward the trails/fire roads and send you climbing. Expect a 300-foot gain once you get on the trail/fire road and the last 1.2 miles are a gradual downhill toward the finish.